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Linen Quilted Bed Cover | Natural
Linen Quilted Bed Cover | Natural

Linen Quilted Bed Cover | Natural

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Our Natural Stripe Quilted Bed Cover is 100% French flax linen and padded with 100% cotton wadding to give you a deep, restful sleep.  A perfect solo blanket for warmer nights or add it as an additional cover to keep you toasty on cold winter evenings.  The natural fibres mean your body will breathe and self regulate under layers of textural goodness.  Quilted in a large grid pattern with a 4 cm (1.57") border.  You will cherish our quilted bed cover for many seasons to come.

  • 100% linen, made from French Flax
  • 100% cotton wadding
  • Grid pattern with border
  • Designed in Australia
  • Made in China

The bedding sizes are to Australian Standard Sizes which are different to US or Euro sizing. Please check the measurements below before ordering. 

Queen & King | 265cm x 240cm