All of our candles and melts are hand poured in small batches to ensure each and every 'Drift' product is of the highest quality.  We use a premium 100% natural soy wax which is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  Our natural soy wax is non-toxic and has a beautiful clean burn making it safe for the home or office environment.  

We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do.


Coconut & Tahitian Lime

One of our most popular blends. A gorgeous fusion of Coconut & Tahitian Lime – a Summer classic and crowd favourite.


The Beach House

Our signature coastal blend designed to take you straight to that little beach house with the gorgeous ocean breeze wafting through. Wild Freesia fused with a dash of lime and lavender make this invigorating and fresh – one of Drift’s favourites.


Tangerine & Coconut

Juicy sweet Tangerine teamed with a dash of Coconut makes this the ultimate Summer cocktail – perfect for those balmy evenings!


Cucumber & Melon

Juicy honeydew melon paired with fresh green cucumber combine to create a delicious refreshing scent.

Japanese Honeysuckle

An intoxicating blend of sweet honeysuckle with a dash of wild jasmine makes this a floral classic – never disappoints.​


French Pear​

A sophisticated blend of tree ripened pear with a hint of cinnamon and creamy vanilla – decadent and rich this all-time classic will transport you to a country farmhouse in the south of France.


Leather & Sandalwood​

Earthy sandalwood combined with soft floral undertones (jasmine & orchid) and finished off with a dash of vanilla make this fusion a match made in heaven – perfect for those who prefer a more masculine scent.​


Fig & Cassis

Exotic, rich and decadent – a vibrant blend of sun warmed fig intertwined with juicy cassis and notes of cedarwood & hyacinth… perfectly matched with a glass of red and a cheese platter.


The Hinterland

Inspired by the Gold Coast Hinterland, this blend captures the fragrant earthy notes of the bush.  Eucalyptus, Wattle, Lemon Myrtle and Pine combine to capture the essence of our beautiful Australian bushland.


The Byron Blend

Inspired by the popular 'Byron Bay' culture, this blend is full bodied & earth with base notes of Sandalwood & Frangipani.  Perfect for lovers of the Indian incense 'Nag Champa' - a free spirited, bohemian blend.


Bergamot, Cedar & Tobacco

Masculine and seductive - sharp notes of Bergamot & Rosewood fused with a warm, earthy blend of Cedarwood and Tobacco combine to create our most alluring blend yet.


Sweet Neroli & Basil

Fresh basil and sweet orange burst through soft layers of rosemary, clementine & patchouli – perfect for lovers of kitchen gardens!​


Lemongrass & Sage

Zesty and fresh! Lemongrass and Sage combine to create the perfect refreshing blend. Uplifting and invigorating this is a great fragrance fusion for a study or work environment.​


Cedarwood & Myrrh

Warming with a slight oriental feel.  The mystic perfume like aroma of Myrrh combined with earthy Cedarwood and a dash of musk combine to create a warming blend perfect for the Winter months.


White Tea & Jasmine

An elegant blend that has a soft sweetness with floral undertones... it feels luxurious and decadent... the aroma that greets you as you walk into the foyer of a high end hotel or day spa.


Nectarine & Mint

An elegant blend that has a soft sweetness with floral undertones... it feels luxurious and decadent... the aroma that greets you as you walk into the foyer of a high end hotel or day spa.


The Weekender

An uplifting and energising blend of Lemongrass, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Grapefruit – the perfect ‘Weekender’.

WILDFIRE artisan soy fragrances

Our beautiful WILDFIRE candles are hand poured & hand adorned with love.

Crafted in small batches using the highest quality soy wax & candle fragrances, each candle is individually adorned with feathers, a leather tie, cowrie shell & wooden beads to create a candle like no other.


Sweet Mandarin & Mimosa

This sparkling Fragrance awakens with its blended composition of fruity & floral. It inspires a sense of sun filled days that elevates the mood & opens the mind.

Top notes - manadarin, tangerine

Middle notes - mimosa, jasmine, lavender

Base notes - lily of the valley, vanilla


Peach Blossom & Citrus

This stimulating fragrance is the perfect balance of fruity & floral. It inspires a sense of spring that helps bring calm, balance & tranquility.

Top notes - orange peel, bergamot

Middle notes - oriental jasmine, peach blossom

Base notes - musk, ylang ylang


Kakadu Plum & Bush Cucumber

This refreshing & fruity fragrance is sweet & calming. Known for helping to reduce stress & anxiety, this fragrance is perfect for creating a soothing & relaxing environment.

Top notes - fir needle, orange

Middle notes - kakadu plum, cucumber

Base notes - vanilla, amber


Lemon Myrtle & Eucalyptus

A fresh & uplifting fragrance that is soothing to the body & mind, known to promote relaxation & reduce stress.

Top notes - eucalyptus, lemon

Middle notes - lemon verbena, sage

Base notes - sandalwood & patchouli


Cedar & Saffron

A relaxing fragrance that can enhance a concentration & reduce anxiety. Its spiced & woody tones means it is perfect for burning whilst meditating or before bed to calm & clear the mind.

Top notes - bergamot, aniseed & eucalyptusMiddle notes - clove nuds, cinnamon bark & peppercornBase notes - vanilla, musk, amber & patchouli


Refreshing Cucumber, Ginger & Mint

The natural fresh aroma of this fragrance is both inspiring & revitalising. This invigorating scent awakens the senses & is perfect for clearing the mind & reducing stress.

Top notes - cucumber, mint leaf
Middle notes - ginger root, jasmine
Base notes - cyclamen, sea salt


Native Mint & Bergamot

The natural & earthy tones have calming properties & the ability to refresh your mood & mindset. Known to reduce anxiety & stress it can boost your energy levels giving you new perspective.

Top notes - bergamot, native mint, lime
Middle notes - fresia, juniper berries
Base notes - oakmoss, white musk

Sandalwood & Leather
This rich earthy fragrance is balanced & considered. Its woody tones are both comforting & relaxing. It can erupt feelings of nostalgia which bring a calming & soothing feeling.

Top notes - bergamot, fir needle
Middle notes - leather, geranium & sandalwood
Base notes - cedarwood & patchouli


Sea Salt & Lime

A crisp and evoking fragrance that reminds us of balmy summer nights.

Top notes - orange zest, kaffir lime

Heart notes - seasalt, saffron

Base notes - amber, cedarwood


Moroccan Fig, Maple & Passionfruit

Alluring Moroccan Fig infused with malty caramel, whispers of coconut and uplifting passionfruit.

Top notes - passionfruit, peach

Heart notes - Fig, coconut

Base notes - maple, vanilla bean


Midnight Ebony & Peach

This seductive scent layers a blend of dewy peony and white peach, grounded with smooth undertones of woods and tonka bean.

Top notes - white peach, citrus zest, freesia

Heart notes - white lily of the valley

Base notes - ebony, cedar, tonka bean, Australian sandalwood


Honeysuckle & Wandering Jasmine

A rich and sweet floral fragrance that has become one of the best sellers.

Top notes - lime, bergamot

Heart notes - Japanese honeysuckle, jasmine

Base notes - hyacinth, rose


Gorgeous Ginger & Green Tea

A clean and invigorating fragrance, our personal favourite for burning in the morning as it is calming and refreshing.

Top notes - grapefruit, mandarin

Heart notes - ginger, green tea

Base notes - sandalwood, amber


Coconut, Lime & Elderflower

A refreshing fragrance that can alleviate anxiety or irritability, considered by some to be a potent aphrodisiac. It’s tropical scent evokes nostalgia of summer days and improves mood and mind set.

Top notes - lime zest, lemon verbena

Heart notes - coconut, elderflower

Base notes - vanilla, buttermilk


Casaba Melon & Palm Sugar

Reminiscent of hot summer afternoons with crisp notes of sweet melon, lemon and palm sugar.

Top notes - casaba melon, eureka lemon

Heart notes - watermelon, blackberry

Base notes - vanilla bean, sea breeze


Spiced Honey, Teak & Neroli

This blend will win over both the masculine and feminine hearts with its deep earthy tones, hines of spice honey and a soft wave of uplifting neroli.


White Floral with Caramelised Pear

Breezy white florals drift into notes of sweet caramelised pear and green apple with a hint of barely there vanilla. Seet, sassy and soulful, just how we like it.


Midday Rose`

Sparkling glassware, indulgent morsels and belly aching laughs compliment perfectly with fragrance notes of pink champagne, lychees, berries and cream.



Transport yourself to a hot Summer’s day on the coast of Brazil. Top notes of creamy coconut and vibrant sweet orange mingled with pistachio and rich caramel layered on a base of tonka bean and sandalwood.