WILDFIRE artisan soy fragrances
Our beautiful WILDFIRE candles are hand poured & hand adorned with love.
Crafted in small batches using the highest quality soy wax & candle fragrances, each candle is individually adorned with feathers, a leather tie, cowrie shell & wooden beads to create a candle like no other.

Sweet Mandarin & Mimosa
This sparkling Fragrance awakens with its blended composition of fruity & floral. It inspires a sense of sun filled days that elevates the mood & opens the mind.
Top notes - manadarin, tangerine
Middle notes - mimosa, jasmine, lavender
Base notes - lily of the valley, vanilla
Peach Blossom & Citrus
This stimulating fragrance is the perfect balance of fruity & floral. It inspires a sense of spring that helps bring calm, balance & tranquility.
Top notes - orange peel, bergamot
Middle notes - oriental jasmine, peach blossom
Base notes - musk, ylang ylang
Kakadu Plum & Bush Cucumber
This refreshing & fruity fragrance is sweet & calming. Known for helping to reduce stress & anxiety, this fragrance is perfect for creating a soothing & relaxing environment.
Top notes - fir needle, orange
Middle notes - kakadu plum, cucumber
Base notes - vanilla, amber
Lemon Myrtle & Eucalyptus
A fresh & uplifting fragrance that is soothing to the body & mind, known to promote relaxation & reduce stress.
Top notes - eucalyptus, lemon
Middle notes - lemon verbena, sage
Base notes - sandalwood & patchouli
Cedar & Saffron
A relaxing fragrance that can enhance a concentration & reduce anxiety. Its spiced & woody tones means it is perfect for burning whilst meditating or before bed to calm & clear the mind.
Top notes - bergamot, aniseed & eucalyptusMiddle notes - clove nuds, cinnamon bark & peppercornBase notes - vanilla, musk, amber & patchouli
Refreshing Cucumber, Ginger & Mint

The natural fresh aroma of this fragrance is both inspiring & revitalising. This invigorating scent awakens the senses & is perfect for clearing the mind & reducing stress.
Top notes - cucumber, mint leaf
Middle notes - ginger root, jasmine
Base notes - cyclamen, sea salt

Native Mint & Bergamot

The natural & earthy tones have calming properties & the ability to refresh your mood & mindset. Known to reduce anxiety & stress it can boost your energy levels giving you new perspective.

Top notes - bergamot, native mint, lime
Middle notes - fresia, juniper berries
Base notes - oakmoss, white musk
Sandalwood & Leather
This rich earthy fragrance is balanced & considered. Its woody tones are both comforting & relaxing. It can erupt feelings of nostalgia which bring a calming & soothing feeling.
Top notes - bergamot, fir needle
Middle notes - leather, geranium & sandalwood
Base notes - cedarwood & patchouli